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Hello there

I wonder if there is anyone who can help. I applied for first adult passport on Jun 13th, and have been stuck on processing since Jun 22nd. I sent a dm to HM passport on 14th Jul and still awaiting a response.

I want to go away to Germany in September (if it arrives sooner I’ll go away sooner), and as it gets closer I grow more and more anxious that my passport wont arrive in time. I know there should be an interview also.

I haven’t booked any flights, and during this corona stuff it just sends my anxiety through the roof. Wait times seem to be going down, but still as yet my passport status hasn’t changed. My documents were sent to Newport if that helps.

Is there anything I can do to get things moving? What can I expect to happen during this process?.. I feel so powerless and as time moves on, I’m finding it harder to deal with it.