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Andy Anderson

Type of Application:
First Child Passport

Passport Office:
Liverpool (Bootle)

Submission Date:

Date Received:

Overall Experience:
4 Star – Easy

Everything was quite quick but the asked me for an additional birth certificate before approving the application and they didn’t notify me when the passport was sent to the delivery company.

10.12.2022 Received
Passport printed 5:45am on 9 December 2022
Application approved 1:32pm on 8 December 2022
Documents received 9:56am on 7 December 2022
Application received 3:14pm on 11 November 2022
Identity details received 3:14pm on 11 November 2022
Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:31am on 11 November 2022
Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:42am on 10 November 2022
Application submitted 11:42am on 10 November 2022