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Applied for renewal from France on 28 June 2020 and paid cost for new Passport. This was acknowledged and told to send Old Passport. Old Passport mailed by recorded delivery from France on 29 June 2020. La Poste Tracking shows that passport received at Durham, Passport Office on 3 July 2020. No change in “Manage Your Application” information, still showing Send us your Old Passport, application on Hold until received. On 13 July received chaser email saying “Send Your Old Passport”? Continue to check application status which until 19 July is unchanged. Despite leaving two messages on the Passport Office Message Board, which states replies within 24 hours and requesting phone callback I have received nothing in return for my £156 fee which has been processed through my bank account.
I have paid for a service which has not been provided. I believe the legal terminolgy for this is Fraud (correct me if I’m wrong.
Will continue to monitor daily!