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    I lost my passport so reported this yesterday and immediately applied for a replacement. I paid and the money has left my bank account however I haven’t received a confirmation email or text message to confirm my application has been received. Is this normal?

    I called today however was told they will not answer any of my questions for two weeks due to the delay.

    I understand there’s a delay but surely I would receive an email to confirm payment?


    If you applied online then yes you should have received an email and a reference number.


    Applied for renewal from France on 28 June 2020 and paid cost for new Passport. This was acknowledged and told to send Old Passport. Old Passport mailed by recorded delivery from France on 29 June 2020. La Poste Tracking shows that passport received at Durham, Passport Office on 3 July 2020. No change in “Manage Your Application” information, still showing Send us your Old Passport, application on Hold until received. On 13 July received chaser email saying “Send Your Old Passport”? Continue to check application status which until 19 July is unchanged. Despite leaving two messages on the Passport Office Message Board, which states replies within 24 hours and requesting phone callback I have received nothing in return for my £156 fee which has been processed through my bank account.
    I have paid for a service which has not been provided. I believe the legal terminolgy for this is Fraud (correct me if I’m wrong.
    Will continue to monitor daily!


    The same thing happened to me! I applied online for an adult renewal. I got no confirmation email but when I checked my bank it shown a pending transaction for passport services! So I presumed it went through. I waited 5 weeks before chasing it up. The application did not go through and the pending transaction on my bank statement disappeared completely! They told me not to reapply until they could check their system but after a further 2 weeks of back and fourth phone calls and nobody helping I just reapplied myself online. This time I got a confirmation email, a text message and also a reference number and address to send my old passport. Definitely reapply! Don’t wait 5 weeks like I did! The transaction will likely disappear from your bank account like mine did. I hope this helps. Mandy.


    Thanks for your help.

    Mandy- you were right, after phoning all week finally today they told me there is no record of my application and I should just apply again. The money has been taken from my bank so I’m sure I’ll have a game trying to get that back!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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