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Hi guys

Some positive news….
2 child overseas renewals submitted 9 March
Both received 19 March
Both processed 20 March

We live in Oman and these were sent some time ago. We had issues in that we need the passports possibly to be repatriated and also we are moving to Malaysia so they are needed for.immigration issues.
I emailed some time back, called and was told usual about No Staff and covid19 etc.. I then called again and explained our stresses. I also sent a message via Twitter- this works
I was messaged via Twitter and told to contact Liverpool passport office via email saying why we need passports and proof of our move to Malaysia.
Did that 6 days ago.
Today I had an email saying passports approved and will be sent out. Our only issue now is we lockdown and only 1 flight a week with post! But at least they are coming.

I would advise contacting passport office via Twitter
Send a DM to them. It does work.