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I’m looking for any help or advice possible. My family has booked a holiday flying out on the morning of 24th of February. We needed to get our 2 children their first passport and my wife a new passport changing her name from maiden to married name. We completed applications on 18th of Jan and sent documents recorded on 19th of Jan. for some reason my wife and youngest child was to send to Peterborough but my oldest documents was to go to bootle. We queried this with customer service and was told to just do it as instructed.

There was a large delay on both showing documents received but my daughters application that went to bootle went through not too bad and we received her passport delivered on 8th of February. My wife and sons that went to Peterborough never showed documents received until 8th of February also. 3 weeks after they were delivered. They are now both sitting showing application processing. We have called multiple times and customer service have said they have marked it urgent with emails to Peterborough but nothing is moving on. We are very frustrated that other people on here that started applications after us have received their passports and my daughters sent on same day is back. If the applications don’t move forward in next couple of days I don’t think we will receive on time as my daughters took 8 days to be delivered after it showed application accepted. Is there anything we can do or advice you have to move this forward?