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Grantham Traveller

WWFC’s application to Peterborough was submitted a week before mine but my documents (i.e. old passport) arrived at Peterborough on 29 April only one day after WWFC’s.

Despite that, my application wasn’t even admitted to ‘being processed’ for another THIRTEEN DAYS (12 May), twelve days after WWFC’s new passport was sent out.

Mine is still ‘being processed’ (27 May) which as we all now know is a a very elastic term. It sounds like something is happening but in reality it is probability just heaped up in a long stack of applications awaiting processing. As it happens I can afford to be patient, and I also fully accepted from the outset that I’d have to wait an extended length of time, but that doesn’t mean I am not very confused by the intense variability in service. Mine is a standard online renewal with no complications. The online photo submission page said the picture I had uploaded was right into the Good sector. My old passport had not expired but a) had a damaged page and b) will be useless from September on for helping my son and his small children out of Vietnam where they are stuck for the moment, because it would no longer have enough time left on it. I was assured by someone on the Passport Office helpline that I had done the right thing because it is in the queue and I ought to get the new one in time.