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We’ve applied for my fathers (a British National, and his first adult passport) application in September of 2019, from Bermuda (a British Overseas territory)…There was a single request for more documentation which was promptly sent from the island to the UK.

To date, the online portal states the application is STILL processing and we have received nothing…I can respect the fact that during COVID-19 that manpower is substantially lowered and they may be backlogged with applications. I call the enquiry line weekly, and am provided with no assistance, no call backs, and no email replies (as the site promises).

This is honestly extremely upsetting and absurd – my elderly mum is at home in the UK alone waiting and there has be no assistance to date while my father simply waits on the island to be able to fly out and be reunited with his family. I personally obtained my adult UK passport in 2 months in the exact same process…

The whole process has been extremely frustrating and disheartening. I’m at my wits end with what to do…if anyone can offer any bit of advice, it would be greatly appreciated.