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    Rjo – your application went to processing the day before mine at Peterborough so I will keep everyone updated as to if mine gets approved in the next few days


    Oh no!
    So this is my current timeline:-

    I sent my sons children’s passport renewal early April.
    Application history
    Application being processed 11:44am on 30 April 2020
    Documents received 3:12pm on 17 April 2020
    Application received 4:41pm on 9 April 2020
    Application submitted 4:15pm on 9 April 2020

    Today I have had a letter asking for proof of my parental responsibility as his mother sorted his last passport. Strangely I was asked to send it to Belfast but my other documents as in the old passport were sent to Durham.

    So I have sent his birth certificate by special delivery. Does anyone know how much this will delay the application? I need it within the next 4 weeks!


    I sent my document to Peterborough.
    Anyway guys, if you have any problems just send your messages on Twitter to the HMPassport profile.
    The operators are very kind and helpful.


    Hi as any one had passports back from Liverpool we are in Malaysia send 3 children renewal off in March received 16 March processing from 24 March still no reply no Answers getting really stressed over it as can’t get visa for children without passports can anyone help Karon


    Did I just see your passport had been approved? We are the same time scale aren’t we? I might be getting exited!!!


    Mine was the same day as Rio as well and the same office but nothing yet. A simple renewal. Not rocket science 🤣🤣🤣


    Yes 7th of April turned to processing, no update or change for me either yet but I will notify this forum as soon as I hear anything.

    Fingers crossed we both get good news early next week!


    Belfast – First Child Passport

    Application approved 11:05am on 29 May Application being processed 1:22pm on 3 April Documents received 1:43pm on 31 March Application received 7:11pm on 24 March
    Identity details received 7:11pm on 24 March
    Application submitted 3:23pm on 21 March 2020

    Just waiting for passport to be sent and docs sent back


    We’ve applied for my fathers (a British National, and his first adult passport) application in September of 2019, from Bermuda (a British Overseas territory)…There was a single request for more documentation which was promptly sent from the island to the UK.

    To date, the online portal states the application is STILL processing and we have received nothing…I can respect the fact that during COVID-19 that manpower is substantially lowered and they may be backlogged with applications. I call the enquiry line weekly, and am provided with no assistance, no call backs, and no email replies (as the site promises).

    This is honestly extremely upsetting and absurd – my elderly mum is at home in the UK alone waiting and there has be no assistance to date while my father simply waits on the island to be able to fly out and be reunited with his family. I personally obtained my adult UK passport in 2 months in the exact same process…

    The whole process has been extremely frustrating and disheartening. I’m at my wits end with what to do…if anyone can offer any bit of advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


    My child’s renewal passport timeline. Application done online, old passport sent to Peterborough:

    Passport received 29 May 2020
    Passport printed and sent 1:25pm on 26 May 2020
    Application approved 8:02pm on 22 May 2020
    Application being processed 1:36pm on 29 April 2020
    Documents received 1:19pm on 16 April 2020
    Application received 7:16pm on 7 April 2020
    Identity details received 7:16pm on 7 April 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 6:46pm on 6 April 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 2:07pm on 5 April 2020
    Application submitted 2:07pm on 5 April 2020


    Hey guys.

    This forum has been great while I’ve been stressing about my daughters passport renewal as we have a holiday booked for July which hasn’t been cancelled yet! This morning i got the exciting text to say its been approved. I sent 2 child renewals off, one went to Durham and the other Peterborough, i shall post both timelines. Good luck everyone, its incredibly stressful times.

    Application Approved: 24th April 2020
    Documents Received: 22 April 2020
    Application Received: 16 April 2020
    Application Submitted: 16 April 2020

    Application approved: 1 June 2020
    Application being processed: 6 May 2020
    Documents received:23 April 2020
    Application received: 18 April 2020
    Identity details received: 18 April 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity: 16 April 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity: 16 April 2020
    Application submitted: 16 April 2020


    Good to hear that more people are getting approved, but still soul destroying to see the lack of consistency and logic even at the same offices.

    Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks since my status turned to ‘being processed’ at Peterborough.

    Still can’t start my new role because I still can’t provide my passport in my new married name.

    So frustrating 🙁


    Requested my newborn first passport on the 23rd March. Waiting since then as “processing”.


    Totally agree, very frustrating and there appears to be no rhyme or reason. Have you tried a “tweet” I private messaged them serval times on there.


    Replacement of lost adult passport.
    I was panicking. Hopeing printing and delivery is fast. 5 weeks til holiday.

    Application approved on 1 June 2020

    Application being processed on 5 May 2020

    Identity details received on 4 May 2020

    Email sent to person confirming your identity on 4 May 2020

    Ask someone to confirm your identity on 4 May 2020

    Application submitted on 4 May 2020

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 690 total)
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