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Hello everyone, This is my first time posting but i have been following this page a lot.
I currently live in Switzerland and have needed to renew my adult passport as i will be moving to Hong Kong quite soon.
I applied for my renewal on the 18th May and my passport needed to be sent to Durham.
These are my times so far:
Application being processed 1 June 2020
Documents received 1 June 2020
Application received 18 May 2020
Application submitted 18 May 2020

It took over a week for my old passport to be sent via registered post from Switzerland to the Durham office and 4 days for the passport to be registered as received and now the wait truly begins!
I am crossing my fingers that there are more people back in the offices and the turn around times will get better as my family might have to move to Hong Kong without me!!

Good luck to everyone waiting and I will update with more news when i get it.