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Applications whilst locked down

Applications whilst locked down

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    Does anyone know why I was asked to send a birth certificate to Belfast when the old passport was sent to Durham?


    It looks like my moaning on Twitter has pushed my application through 🙂

    I’ve just received the approved SMS. Woohoo!

    Good luck everyone with your applications.


    Hey, haven’t posted before but read the forum alot. I did two first child passport applications online and the documents were sent to Durham. Here’s our breakdown – fairly quick considering the limited staff they are working with. Just awaiting printing and being sent out (hopefully be here by early next week)

    Application approved11:52am on 1 June 2020
    Application being processed1:37pm on 29 April 2020
    Documents received3:51pm on 16 April 2020
    Application received9:52am on 14 April 2020
    Identity details received9:51am on 14 April 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity11:39am on 9 April 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity11:34am on 9 April 2020
    Application submitted11:34am on 9 April 2020


    My adult passport renewal was received by post on 19th May at Peterborough. I had a text on 1st June to say I will get my passport in a few days. So for me looks like being under three weeks if it arrives this week.


    This complete unfairness around waiting times is making me incredibly angry.


    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting but i have been following this page a lot.
    I currently live in Switzerland and have needed to renew my adult passport as i will be moving to Hong Kong quite soon.
    I applied for my renewal on the 18th May and my passport needed to be sent to Durham.
    These are my times so far:
    Application being processed 1 June 2020
    Documents received 1 June 2020
    Application received 18 May 2020
    Application submitted 18 May 2020

    It took over a week for my old passport to be sent via registered post from Switzerland to the Durham office and 4 days for the passport to be registered as received and now the wait truly begins!
    I am crossing my fingers that there are more people back in the offices and the turn around times will get better as my family might have to move to Hong Kong without me!!

    Good luck to everyone waiting and I will update with more news when i get it.


    Quick update on my above post. Passport arrived today, so exactly two weeks from them receiving the application to me receiving the passport.


    My passport was at last approved and printing today from Peterborough!!! Here is my timeline so far…..
    Application approved 11:10am on 2 June 2020
    Application being processed 11:03am on 7 April 2020
    Documents received 12:23pm on 3 April 2020
    Application received 2:38pm on 2 April 2020
    Application submitted 2:38pm on 2 April 2020


    Does anyone know, are applications sent from abroad for a change of name passport renewal treated any differently to a standard renewal?

    My wifes docs were received early April, ‘processing’ early May…now nothing.

    Any glimmers of hope appreciated 🙂

    We also had to send a change of delivery address to the Durham office. No way of knowing if this has actually been received or actioned on. I don’t understand why the address can’t be changed online if we can provide a proof of new address (which we have).


    I applied for a first-adult passport after naturalisation. I sent the documents to the Liverpool office via next day delivery. Although it took one month for them to receive my documents (I was told by Royal mail, that they had to keep mail in their Liverpool warehouse as staff at the passport office were not able to sign all mail received..), I was pleased that the application was approved within 3 weeks after showing as “being processed”!!!
    The message I received today says that now my passport will be sent to print..

    Application approved 7:36am on 3 June 2020
    Application being processed 1:10pm on 13 May 2020
    Documents received 5:34pm on 30 April 2020
    Application received 3:21pm on 3 April 2020

    Grantham Traveller

    Things are definitely speeding up.

    My timeline with a renewal at Peterborough is now:

    Application made online: 28 April 2020
    Old passport received at Peterborough: 29 April
    Application being processed: 12 May
    Application approved: 2.52 pm, 3 June (15 working days since processing initiated)

    I was entirely reconciled to waiting until July or even longer so this was a nice surprise today. It isn’t over until it’s over, but I imagine I will have the passport within 5-7 days now.


    I had a call from the passport Office yesterday about my application after I messaged them on Twitter.

    Standard renewals should be going through with minimal delays now. It’s more complex cases, like my renewal with a surname change due to marriage which requires manual intervention and checks which are still subject to delays.

    So those with standard renewals, you should be seeing movement. Those like me who have a name change or change in circumstance, it’s likely to be longer.

    My application has now been escalated with written evidence of a need for work purposes so I can start the new job, but has still not been Approved yet.

    Mine is over 8 weeks in the being processed stage. All I can do now is just wait and hope again.


    Hi all, my application processed 24 March.
    Sent to Newport office. Since then no update.
    Its first Adult passport application.
    Anyone got passport or any news from Newport office?


    Dear All,

    I have been posting on this forum almost since it first started.
    Finally mine and my daughter’s has been approved. Timeline below:
    Application history

    Application approved 2:37pm on 3 June 2020
    Application being processed 8:09am on 23 March 2020
    Documents received 3:30pm on 20 March 2020
    Application received 6:37am on 15 March 2020
    Application submitted 6:37am on 15 March 2020

    It will be almost 3 months since I started the process. It would have taken even longer, however thanks to the recommendations from some posts in this forum I used twitter to express my case.

    When I tried the passport help line by telephone I was treated with complete disdain. As soon as they deduced that my application was from overseas they didn’t want to listen to anything. The answer was simply WAIT!

    The irony is that it is the overseas applicants that on the “whole” (i know each case is different) probably require a quicker and more efficient service. Even prior to the covid guidlines there is no “express” services for applicants from overseas.
    Visa issues and ID checks all are standard procedures which come with the hassles of living abroad. It seems really unfair. May be the government look at it that citizens living abroad don’t contribute as much economically. But if its a money thing just charge. It may feel like extortion to some but the service has to be better and the option must be there.

    This is actually the second time that the passport office has significantly delayed my application. On the previous occasion (spring/summer 2014) they took almost 4 months to send my sons passport who was newborn. In Dubai (where I live) it is illegal for newborns to not have a valid visa after 120 days from birth. Even then it would have taken longer still but we had to involve the local FCO and seek their guidelines.

    Its just so stressful when it comes to renewing/getting passports. Other countries even the so called “developing” ones it is a virtually hassle free process (even during this covid crisis). I know this because the company I work for has many employees from all over the world.

    Im sorry my post has been so long but I owe this forum, because of the relevant information I have been able to extract. I’m sure more better things can come from it and the passport office if they have any sense of self worth must be aware of the trends on social media. This can only be done by sharing as much as possible and creating discussion.

    Thank you


    My application for a child’s renewal has finally been approved after being on hold since start of april.
    Strangely 1 day after I chased on twitter!

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 690 total)
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