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    Hi all. I submitted an overseas application for a first adult passport and was advised to allow 13 weeks for the application to be processed. Tomorrow will be the 13-week mark and the tracking is still sitting at documents received.

    Does the 13-week period begin at the date of application or the date of documents received? Even though I paid for express post, my documents took two weeks to arrive in the UK from Australia, so I’m worried that’s set me back.

    Is expeditingservice@hmpo.gov.uk the best email to try to move things along? And are they likely to expedite the service when I don’t yet have flights booked? (I’ve been waiting on the passport to book flights, but I’m moving overseas so have left my house/job with the intention to fly on 14 October.)


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    The clock starts from when you paid, I assume your application is on-line and you paid at that juncture? If you ring the Teleperormance call handlers will tell you a variety of things in relation to when the clock starts- the only consistant is thier inconsistancy. A HMPO officers told me its when they take payment.

    When you apply and it gives a time frame, your case 13 weeks that is only a guideline in which they exepect to process your application – its not a contractual obligation or SLA. Yes, I would definatley try to push the application along now.

    Personally,if you call I would and ask to be put through to the HMPO proper and see if a HMPO officer will expedite your application. The fact you have been waiting 13 weeks should be cause enough to be put through to the HMPO.


    Hi Sambo360, did you receive any update because for me also same . Please help me how will take it further,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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