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    I applied for my sons passport on April 9th. They requested birth certificate which I sent straight away and for weeks it sat at ‘Documents Received’.

    Then I get an email saying that the application had been withdrawn so I call up and they tell me it hasn’t been withdrawn and they will get someone to call me with an update. A few days later someone calls who to ask me what my query was! Then she puts me on hold for over an hour and I had to end the call I was busy at work.

    Then my online status changes stating that they had sent a letter to tell me the issue with my application and to wait for that to arrive and not call. A few days later I receive a letter and it is the old passport and birth certificate and telling me the application was now being processed!

    Once again I call to find out what’s going on and they assure me everything is fine. They get someone to call me back and 2 days later I got a missed call and they just left a message saying they were asked to call back but no further info on my application.

    Now I go onto the online checker and my application is no longer there!

    I re-booked our family holiday at not insignificant cost and spent a huge amount of time calling a helpdesk that cant actually tell me the status of my application. I’m absolutely bloody furious! So now after being on the phone again, I await the next phone call to see what the h3ll is happened with this application.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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