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    Foster Twelvetrees

    A chink of light for overseas applications. I hit the 10 week mark yesterday (interestingly both the call handler and the HMPO lady both agreed the 10 when started from when my on-line application was accepted, in my case June. 9) as such I thought it worth a bit of a push.

    To cut a long story short I was advised by the webchat to call the 0300 222 0000 No and I could escalate my application, which I did and pressed 8 then 3 and got through to a call handler, who agreed I could escalate. I was then put through to a very helpful lady at the passport office itself who agreed again I could esclate aas I need my passport for ID and to remain legally compliant (which I do) – for instance, I’m not allowed to drive without my passport here. The HMPO lady agreed that I should not have been advised send my old passport back and colour photopcopy would have sufficed, but it was to late to rectify that and we need to move on and get me new passport.

    I have to say I was not hold for more 2 mins either time so my fear of racking up a huge telephone bill did not materialise either. Of course it remains to be seen if anything happens from this point. The lady at HMPO said should could not guarantee a time scale for the escalation from this point in time, but keep an eye on the tracker. I will feedback on any developments as they/if they occur.


    Hi, my husband is still waiting for his overseas passport renewal to arrive he applied 3 days before you on the 7th June.
    I had been told this about escalating the passport by numerous people on the help phone line but have since found out that they will not fast track or escalate passports for overseas, sorry. He had been promised to have it escalated before we were due to go away yesterday but still no passport so we had to delay for two weeks. If you need it for identification to drive it might be different but who knows!
    At the beginning of this week we decided we didn’t want to take the chance and the passport wouldn’t come by 31st, the stress is huge.So after contacting the Foreign and Commonwealth by email and phone we decided to pay to get an emergency passport, I’m cross we had to pay £100 plus courier fee but it is an important family trip. Anyway I filled in the emergency travel form on Wednesday night, even got some advice filling in in from the foreign and commonwealth office whilst doing it.
    It was accepted Thursday morning and arrived by courier on Friday, strangely printed and sent from Spain to France. Wish they were as quick with the actual passport!
    It’s sods law he’ll hear back next week about his actual passport but at least we know we can travel.
    Will get back to let you know .

    Foster Twelvetrees

    I have just recieved a SMS my passport have been approved, yay!


    Hi, I’m really glad for you.
    Just odd that you applied after my husband and his still says ‘when finished checking, we’ll update this page’ dated 24th June.
    Can I ask which passport office you sent your application to?
    Here’s hoping it arrives soon, good luck

    Foster Twelvetrees


    Reflecting back I believe what may have swung it for me to get escalated was:

    – I was past the 10 weeks mark, both the call handler and the HMPO lady both noted that.

    – Probably more importantly, I was wrongly instructed to return my old passport and colour photocopies would have sufficed for my application, as my original was needed for ID purposes and for me to remain legally compliant here. Again both the call handler and the HMPO lady mentioned that. An emergency passport is no good for either of those and I was put at large at no fault of my own.

    I made no mention of travel any stage and indeed I don’t have any travel plans for the foreeable future.

    I feel for you and all the overseas applicant who’s applications are seemingly stuck in a black hole with what appears to be no urgency what so ever. 15 > 20 weeks is simply unacceptable for a bang average and straight forward renewal.

    I hope you get sorted and get your passport soon.

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