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    Hi everyone!

    1) I sent off a renewal for a lost passport – I was able to input my passport number but obviously don’t have the original document. I had to get someone to verify my identity but did not have to send off any documents.

    Does this seem right? Am I going to be asked to send documents at some point in the process? This will slow my application down when I could send them now if I knew what and where.

    2) Is there a way to find out which office is dealing with your passport application?

    3) Has anyone used the new upgrade service? What is the process like? Do you have to call up the main passporting line to get things in motion?

    Thank you very much


    My other half’s is the same. We didn’t know if we should apply for a renewal or lost passport as it had expired and then was lost. No docs have been requested.
    Online chat can tell you who is dealing with your application.
    Will be requesting an upgrade on sat for a flight on the 18th. Fully expecting to have to go to Peterborough 48 hours before travel though.


    My son’s is stuck in processing waiting to be reviewed 7 weeks hits on Sunday, processing for 3, I did have a really generic question though, unlike my renewal which went through the automate route we haven’t been asked to validate his identity yet, will this happen when its picked up by and examiner or is it not needed now as its being reviewed by a person and its a renewal, just starting to worry something has gone wrong with their process which is why its stuck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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