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    Application history

    Passport printed and sent 11:45pm on 29 July 2020
    Application approved 3:22pm on 28 July 2020
    Application being processed 12:28pm on 24 July 2020
    Documents received 10:54am on 20 July 2020
    Application received 7:51am on 7 July 2020
    Application submitted 7:51am on 7 July
    Hi everyone
    Here is the process of the adult renew
    After sending my old passport which they received on the 9th July. It took a while for it to be logged on the system. I was worried about this and if my passport would be back on time as I fly out on 11th Aug. However after contacting the online enquiry and waiting for an replay after 3 days. They made contract and my application had an alart placed on it. Once the alart was placed the whole process was completed within a week. I’m currently tracking my passport and waiting for it to be delivered.
    I highly recommend using the online enquiry for an assistance. U will need to proof ur flight details and explain ur situation.
    Hope this helps and good luck on ur process.
    The passport office was Durham

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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