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    Anyone had any joy? Ok still awaiting mine. Endless calls cut off. No reply Twitter email. Chat turned off. Might aswell forget calling constantly cut off.


    Nuttytart – I persevered with calling. 90 min waiting time but I do think it’s worth it although they tell you they can’t hurry things up. What date did you send things? These are my dates if that helps

    App submitted 8th September
    Old Passport received 14th September
    Application approved 5th October


    The repeat calls felt like we were doing something but in all honestly really didn’t help (other than them ‘tagging’ our date of travel).

    Only way we got things sped up was as soon as tnt had a tracking number we badgered them.

    The hmpo really didn’t expedite anything at all.


    Tried to add this to the Liverpool office thread but says I have made a duplicate post bit I can’t see it!

    Well, the PO people actually rang me! (I left my number after ringing yesterday at 5.29pm and not expecting to be on hold but I was for around 10 mins then asked to leave number and someone will call me, yeah right, I did but did not expect a call whatsoever!)

    However a lovely lady from Newport office rang me this afternoon and she was brilliant, (it pays to be courteous and polite!) She basically said what Chinstroker said, the fact that I still have my son’s expired passport with me is the ace card. She advised to cancel the live application in a letter get that sent off asap and book a fast-track 1 week application which I have done and I am flying to Glasgow this Friday, to sort my lads passport out. My wife & daughters passports may still not get here before we travel but you have to try something. And the credit card is getting hammered!

    I now have a millions things to sort out. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit crystal meth! ;o)



    Applied renewal 25/08
    Only today updated since being stuck on passport received, to this morning ‘approved’ and being sent out this afternoon! SO relieved as we are travelling next week 15th Oct. I called every day, even wrote a letter last week & sent it by snail mail. Not sure if that’s what did the trick getting it over the line but worth a try!!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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