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    Hi all

    My application was approved yesterday and I have been notified that my passport has been sent to printing.

    How long does this step take and how long will it take to receive my foreign passport and naturalisation certificate back?

    Here is my timeline

    First Adult passport after naturalisation

    Application submitted:. 9:33 am on 23 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity: 9:33 am on 23 March 2022
    Email sent to per confirm omg your identity: 9:37 am on 23 March 2022
    Identity details received: 10:02 am on 23 March 2022
    Application received: 10:02 am on 23 March 2022
    Documents sent by me on Friday, 25 March 2022 by Royal Mail special delivery. Documents sent to Bootle
    Documents marked as received by Royal Mail on Monday 28 March 2022
    Documents received on the tracker on 10:27 am on 7 April 2022
    Application approved on 11:43 am on 2 May 2022


    Mine was approved on the 13th March, printed update was on the 21st March and it was delivered on the 22nd March if that helps – it’s got busier since then so potentially longer now


    That is really helpful, how long did it take for your supporting documents to be returned?


    Am in the same boat (for son’s adult renewal) which was approved today and now waiting for printing and despatch. Looking at a few timelines, printing and despatch have been relatively quickly – a few days to a week, with a few cases going into a couple of weeks.


    I have just been notified by email only that my passport has been printed and will be handed over to the delivery supplier who will contact me with the tracking reference.

    The email also said that my supporting documents will be delivered separately and will come within the next 2 weeks


    Did you get everything back yet?


    It’s 3 weeks today since my passport was printed and no foreign passport or documents yet. Tried calling but can’t get through. Am really concerned


    Hi all, my sons application has just been approved. Any idea how long now? Mine was following day


    I’m waiting on printing too, approved 24/05. We travel 05/06 (Sunday) so really hoping it gets printed and delivered this week! Anyone know if TNT will deliver on the public holidays this week? Is there anything that can be done to speed up printing?


    Hi All,

    I have received a notification that my passport has been printed on 25th May, however so far I have only received my supporting documents and no signs of the actual passport. TNT tracking only has a record of my supporting documents being delivered.

    Have tried webchat or call the official helpline, none of them seems to be working!


    Hi all,

    I am waiting on replacing a water damaged passport and was wondering how long it will take to become approved, I did an online application. Passport was sent to Glasgow passport office.

    Application history..

    Documents received 8:35am on 13 May 2022
    Application received 1:31pm on 25 April 2022
    Application submitted 1:30pm on 25 April 2022

    I travel to America on 04/07/22 should I be worried about not receiving my passport in time?


    Hi Jules66, have you heard anything from TNT with regards to a passport delivery? Same for me passport has been printed on 25th and still no signs of it, received so far only supporting documents which is odd!

    Singapore Don

    Just got email 31 May 2022 9 am UK time:
    “Your new passport has been printed.
    What happens next
    We’ve sent your new passport by secure delivery”

    Application history
    Passport printed 9:24am on 31 May 2022
    Application approved 6:05am on 28 May 2022
    Documents received 8:36am on 24 May 2022
    Application received 12:22pm on 24 April 2022
    Application submitted 12:22pm on 24 April 2022

    Hopefully DHL will deliver to Singapore in a couple of days.

    Overall not so bad once they opened the incoming mail

    Martin C

    5 days here.

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