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    Hi all

    I applied 14/03/22 for my daughter as a lost (although expired) passport

    My friend couldn’t verify as she noted one digit wrong in my dob

    I phoned passport enquiry line next day. They out my down for a callback which happened 16/03. I was advised as I had phoned it shouldn’t be a problem. No other actions advised.

    Tracker updated as processing 21/03 and nothing since

    Phoned up yesterday. Was told i should have been advised at the first phone call 15/03 to put in writing. This didn’t happen back in march. Also at no point had any contact from HMPO.

    The lady on the phone has asked for a call back from the team for me (no call back today) and I now have put it in writing and sent today special delivery.

    Now worried this issue is going to delay the passport beyond when we go now (Disneyworld, surprise from my parents, kids will be devastated if we don’t go).

    Do you think it’s worth submitting as a complaint or would I be wasting my time?


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