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    Hi new here really looking for some reassurance and hopefully some advice. My application has been on “processing” since 16th of feb. This was 3 weeks after I originally submitted my application and posted my old passport. I have called 3 times now to see why it’s not progressing and get told to allow 10 weeks however this leads right up to my travel date and is giving me major anxiety. I called again today and the woman told me that on the 16th my passport was examined ( none of the others had said this on my previous calls ) and has just been sat for 3 weeks waiting for a date to be printed which she said was not usual. Then she followed that up with however I have to allow 10 weeks. Has anyone else been stuck on processing for a really long time ? I find it crazy how they won’t even try and help until the 10 weeks is up and I’m literally loosing sleep at the moment thinking about missing out on my holiday which I have been waiting for since before covid. Any help or advice would be really really appreciated.


    My son’s first passport has been stuck on processing since 16th February, we are due to fly 4th April. I am that stressed I can’t sleep and I feel sick a lot of the time. The lady I spoke to today said it’s strange how there has been no movement on his application so has emailed them today to ask what the hold up is, but that can take 48 hours. The other passports I have done haven’t taken this long, and all arrived back within 3 weeks, and yet this one is coming up to 6 weeks on thursday


    Sounds like we are in the exact same situation. Find the whole thing ridiculous, and al getting so annoyed with the lack of help and the 48 hour waits for call back which never seem to happen! I really hope you hear something back soon. Please when you do can you reply on here so at least I have something else to go by?! Good luck.


    I will do 😁 I find it even more frustrating when people who apply afterwards get approved before my son’s, but I am glad they aren’t going through the stresses we are


    Application for a first adult passport after naturalisation approved today (11 March) after being stuck in the processing stage since 23 February.

    I called a couple of times this week and also submitted a few requests using the online form asking for either my British passport or my foreign one back in time for a mandatory appointment on 1 April where a passport is the only acceptable form of ID.


    Did you receive the passport? Mine is being processing since the 16th and we are due to travel on the 31 March 🙁


    Mine has been processing since 24th February! It’s really stressing me out thinking somethings wrong! Mines at Durham office


    Finally got my passport this week. Took nearly 9 weeks all in from start to finish and was stuck on “Processing” for 4 and half weeks. Hope this helps, good luck everyone.


    Hi all!

    Kind of wishing I didn’t discover this website and its fourm! Haha!

    Here’s my timeline for a replacement of a damaged passport after our dog decided to use it as a chew toy!

    Application submitted: 17 Feb 2022
    Passport recieved at Peterborough (via Royal mail tracked): 18 Feb 2022
    Documents Received: 28 Feb 2022
    Documents sent to Durham: 3 March 2022
    Application being processed/waiting for examiner: 11 March 2022

    Our honeymoon is booked for the 16 May, so hoping we’ve got plenty of time.

    Just starting to worry, as i’ve never gone through the dreaded ‘application being processed’ wait. We got told the 10 week time scale start from when they recieved at Durham on the 3rd, adding essentially 2 weeks onto the wait.

    Would love to hear any sucess stories after going into the ‘processing’ stage!


    I think it’s abit different for everyone , mine and my daughters renewal took 2/3 weeks and 4 weeks. My youngest still hasn’t been done we fly 28th April.
    We applied 30/1 . P

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