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    I’ve applied for three passport renewals on 21st April. One adult and two children.

    My sons was printed and received yesterday. Mines was printed today so expect I’ll have that fairly soon.

    For my daughter I have been asked to get her identity verified again. Wondering what other peoples experience of this is?

    The person who originally verified her ID also did my sons and is definitely on the list of accepted occupations (civil servant). I’ve just asked her to do it again.

    In fairness her application has been a bit of a hash so far. Sent all three old passports to be signed for hers was never signed for. It was confirmed as received this week (massive sigh of relief).

    We are due to travel at the end of June so not hugely concerned yet but they are nigh on impossible to get on the phone and the live chat well it’s not live at the minute.


    I’ve seen some people need to confirm identity 3 different times, sometimes they aren’t valid, sometimes they don’t like the answers given and other times they just want extra confirmation.

    If you can, I’d just get someone else to confirm as the passport office wont actually tell you why it was declined


    We had the same thing but now it’s finally being printed before our holiday on Sunday.


    So I’m a little lost now. I did get someone else to verify her ID last night which I got confirmation had been done this morning and about 20 minutes later another email asking me to get her ID verified.

    Can’t get through on the phone or live chat and have no one else to ask…


    Had the same thing with my daughters renewal, was asked again for someone to confirm her identity so we asked a different person to do it the second time and it all went through ok

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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