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    I understand people want to get away and maybe don’t realise that their passports are approaching expiration but the Passport office is clear – allow 10 weeks.
    If you submit a standard application with less time before your travel date than this you are taking a risk.
    This site is useful as it does give a realistic expectation of the expected times. BUT – also be aware the headline figures are from the date the PO ‘receives’ your passport, not the date of submission – so in general you should add another week on.
    You can also get the average times from the respective Passport Offices if you call them – Bootle says 5-6 weeks at present.
    It is also clear on the PO website that if you are travelling sooner you should consider the Fasttrack service – which costs more but should get you sorted quicker
    So – its a bit annoying to read some people moaning and bitching like crazy about poor service or getting upset and stressed when the expectation has very clearly been set and the options laid out. If you choose to take the risk of less than 10 weeks on a standard application (as I have done) then that’s your (and my) call. The PO is in general delivering on their SLA, and actually in most cases in half of their committed time
    If you are at 3-4 weeks before travel – pay the cash and go fast track – its cheaper than rearranging flights.
    Remember – its your choice, your risk, your problem – not theirs.
    And BTW – I have notes/interest/association with the PO or any government organisation (aside from paying too much tax 🙁 )

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