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    Applied online 6th March when it was a 5 week lead time, application got stuck at processing from 14th March.
    Applied fast track took everything AS ADVISED a withdrawal letter (I saved the transcript of this), application, photos.
    Attended fast track appointment and agent rejected application as online application wasn’t cancelled and she wouldn’t accept the letter. She then went to tell us the online application was being handled at Liverpool but passed us instructions to email the Peterborough upgrade. We did this with no response after 3 days queried this yesterday and low and behold we’d been given the wrong email. As the application is being held at Liverpool it is the Liverpool office that will process the upgrade. An absolute mess! The incompetence is unreal. Through no fault of our own are we in this situation a few days before we travel. Beyond frustrated at this point!


    This is ridiculous , I applied for my daughters on 3rd March and by 31st march still no progress so like you advised to do a fast track and take a withdrawal letter with me to the appointment (Monday 4th). The agent there tried to say they couldn’t help but I told them I was advised to do this (had to write a statement). She then agreed to process it and the fast track passport arrived 9 days later (today) – although I did have to ring daily to chase it as the Durham office only withdrew the original application Monday morning!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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