Has anyone been waiting over 10 weeks for their UK passport?

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    Andy Anderson

    Hi Everyone, as always, thank you for using this site and contributing.

    We would really like to hear from you if you have been waiting over 10 weeks for your passport. You can submit your story to us below.




    yes, me, over 10 weeks and still sitting in processing. Applied online on the 8th of February, the automatic system rejected twice the person who wanted to countersign my application, though this person was on the approved list. Had to submit a paper form instead. Sent my docs to HMPO on Feb 25th. March 15th – my documents were marked as received and my application went into processing. It’s been for 6 weeks in processing now, over 10 weeks since I applied. Still waiting!


    I am currently at 9 weeks but stuck in processing so no hope at getting it in the 10 weeks!


    I don’t understand why some people are waiting this long? my wife just had hers approved after 10 days, I recieved mine from submitting within 16 days. Waiting 10 weeks sounds crazy!


    If that includes getting the old passport back. You’d be screwed if your old passport has a visa in it.


    Currently 8 1/2 weeks. Was told last week all they’ve done is link documents in that time and it’s currently sat in a pile waiting to be picked up so I’ll probably hit the 10 weeks.

    Will submit story when it reaches 10.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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