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    Adult UK Citizen Passport renewal, was not expired then (is now). Resident in Australia and dual nation.

    “Application Received 11 May”
    “Documents Received 26 May”
    “Application being processed 27 May”

    No updates since.


    They’re an absolute joke. I’m resident in Hong Kong, passport office done nothing since 4th June.
    You could try contacting your MP if you’re still able to vote in a UK constituency.
    I’ve contacted mine but no reply from him either.
    I’ve just written a complaint letter (to passport office) which I will get someone in UK to send for me.


    I applied for my newborn sons first uk passport on 4th march from Australia. The application was noted as being processed on 1st May….still no word. I’ve tried calling over 10 times but no one can access my application because its now too old! I’ve now lost out on applying for Permanent Residency in time to apply for any maternity pay (max $12k) Could not be more angry that no one can access my application to even tell me anything!


    Quick Update – mine has now been approved and is off for printing.


    My daughters overseas application for a renewal was submitted mid February. It has taken them 4 1/2 months to request a birth certificate. Something that is specifically not required for a renewal and something they already have from her first passport application. Still no word on where my application stands. I complained. Their response came back saying everything is being done “in accordance with policy and procedures.“ They obviously believe 5 months delay is perfectly normal. The helpline provides zero information on status. I have only heard that “standard ID checks are in progress”. No idea if or when the passport will be issued. This is not the level of service I would expect of the British government.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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