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    I was wondering if anybody knows if I can cancel an application that was sent a week ago. My application was submitted on the 1st march. documents signed for on the 2nd March, but system is still stating awaiting documents. I can see with the flurry of activity that Liverpool office (Bootle) seems to be taking a bit longer than it was a few weeks ago.

    I have unexpected travel booked for 8th April – my passport still has over 6 mo on it. I was renewing it for a trip in June! Do you think I can request my passport application to be withdrawn and have my old passport sent to me, travel on my current passport. Then I will fast track when I get back for my trip in June.

    I hope my rambles makes sense and somebody can offer some advice!


    I’m also interested in this if anyone has any advice


    I spoke to the passport office regarding something similar and the person on the phone told me you can cancel it but it will take the office around 2/3/4 weeks to get your old passport sent back, im not sure how true this is as everytime ive phoned i get conflicting information.


    Hi – just wondered where you came out on this as I’m facing a similar dilemma?


    Hi, I actually decided to chance it as the documents were loaded on the 9th March. Photo rejected on the 11th resubmitted same day and application approved on the 14th March. Haven’t had confirmation of printing yet. I seem to be one of the lucky ones (assuming I can get my passport in my hand in the next couple weeks?!!)


    I have got myself in a real state today realising I totally miscalculated how long we had u top we travel. Three calls today – 3 different answers to if I can cancel get old passport returned and then pay for fast track. I have no idea which office it is being processed at (interested in how I find out?) but this forum is so so helpful to give me some
    Insight in possible outcome. So far
    7.3.22 sent app online
    9.3.22 old passport signed for at passport office
    16.3.22 updated as document received.

    The conclusion I came to today is I should hold on and hope I am a lucky quick one as I was told no promise on how long it would take to return my old passport. I travel on 5th April – I am in such a state and so cross with myself I don’t know what to do without clear guidance from HM passport. I wonder if anyone has been in this situation. I wonder if I chance paying for fast track and hope they accept they hold my passport so I can’t produce it?


    You won’t be able to cancel and have your documents returned on time for travel. You need to write in a letter for cancellation. Apparently 3weeksbto return docs. Good luck I hope you get ur passport on time


    poooo – keep us posted on your timeline and how long it takes to print/dispatch. hopefully in time for your hols.

    dottiebess – I agree with amirun; best to hold out. i do think phoning them helps too


    dottiebess just wanted to provide the timeline of my wife’s application in the hope that yours will be processed in similar timelines.

    Passport received. 17th March
    Passport printed and sent 11:57am on 16 March 2022
    Application approved 7:06pm on 14 March 2022
    Documents received 11:13am on 10 March 2022
    Application received 12:55pm on 23 February 2022
    Application submitted 12:55pm on 23 February 2022

    The most stressful part was waiting for the document confirmation. Once that was logged, the rest of the process went by quite quickly. No problems with photo, all went straight through.

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    I requested my son’s passport back yesterday, it takes up to 2 weeks too get back your old passport(it was still valid), in the same situation and we have family holidays planned the 31st March and when we applied said up to 4 weeks, now changed to up to 10 weeks

    Application history

    Application being processed 12:15pm on 16 March 2022
    Documents received 3:02pm on 11 March 2022
    Application received 12:19pm on 2 March 2022
    Identity details received 12:19pm on 2 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 12:02pm on 2 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 11:36am on 2 March 2022
    Application submitted 11:36am on 2 March 2022

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    Dimaolivier have you received the passport back yet? I requested my still valid passport back today and fly in 5 weeks, hoping it’s back by then! So stressed


    Hi no I haven’t received yet, we were supposed to flight this Thursday, they received the envelope on Wednesday and today they haven’t sent the passport back as the tracking number of the envelope we sent for our passport back hasn’t been used 🙁 they said up to 2 weeks


    Dimarolivier I’m sorry you’ve been unable to fly today 😔 I wasn’t told to include a SAE so unsure how I track the return. I keep checking TNT but nothing yet! Let me know if you get yours

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