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    Hi All, we are due to go on holiday 3/6/22, I have applied for an online renewal of my daughters passport which was submitted 11/2, and documents sent and signed for back to passport office on 15/2. I have been keeping an eye on progress however as of today 26/2 the tracker page is still showing a status of “Send us your old passport” I am just thinking worse case scenario and if I get to around mid March with no real useful update am I able to cancel the existing application and use any kind of Fast track 1 week/1 day/In person etc service whhereby I can guarantee to get the passport in time?? I’m not overly worried about the cost wold just want to make sure we ahve the passport in time for the holiday, I perhaps naively thought that 7/12 week may be enough time, and it still may be the case and we may receive it in time, but just thinking of options for the worse case scenario. Any advice much appreicated!

    Thanks All


    Unless I’m reading it wrong, you’ve got 16 weeks from date of application before you’re due to travel. I don’t think the queue is that long, at least not from what we can tell so far.

    I’m also guessing that you’re in the UK, so you have the option to cancel and fast-track. It’s the 1-week fast-track option for child renewals. You’ll find threads about the process in this forum. I don’t fully recall the process, but I remember that there was a suggestion to report the documents lost as waiting for the supporting documents to be returned to you could take the same amount of time as processing the original renewal applications. Perhaps make sure from now that you have all the required supporting documentation (birth certificates, etc…) in case you’re going down the route of reporting the old passports as lost.

    I would definitely call the adviceline for up-to-date information and to make sure any advice I get in this forum is valid


    Thanks for the reply, and apologies I have my dates wrong, we are due to go on holiday on 3/4 so a very different timescale which prompted my O.P. I can’t seem to figure out how to edit a post to ammend the dates either. But thank you for the information and the link, it’s good to know there are options should it (hopefully not) get to that stage!

    Thanks Again


    It can take 8 working days till the documents are uploaded to the system. My son’s first passport application is on day 10 of processing. We fly on the 4th April, when I applied first child passports were taking 3 weeks

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