Can I speed up the process once I’ve already applied?

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    I was in the process of applying for my passport when some urgent travel has come up for 8th July. So as quick as anything I applied with a new photo and sent it off on 31st May. Now I’m just worried because I can’t miss this engagement, it came up unexpectedly and can’t be delayed. What are my options in terms of speeding it up?

    I understand the fast-track applications are pretty rapid but I’ve already mailed off my passport (signed for on 1st June) and is yet to be updated on the passport tracking service.

    If I got to a week or two before my date of travel (let’s say 3 weeks from now) what can the passport office offer me? Would they be able to fast-track it once I’ve already submitted everything? Or would an in-person appointment be possible? I noticed the requirements for that are to bring my old passport and I won’t be able to.

    Thanks! I know it’s 5 weeks away but I’m already a little worried!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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