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    Good Afternoon. Lots of helpful topics on the passport applications or renewal. Thank you to all who contribute.

    My question relates to a renewal of my son’s passport.

    We’re due to go away in a few weeks and it’s looking like there won’t be much wriggle room.

    Therefore, what happens if I decide to cancel the application and proceed through the fast track process?

    Am I allowed to cancel the application, request the docs to be sent back to me, subsequently apply for a new passport due to being lost, stolen or damaged? Thus at least ensuring I have greater control over its success?


    I wonder if you got any reply or experience of this? I would love to know for certain. thanks.


    I’m in the same boat I did mine on line still not heard anything

    Application being processed 1:24pm on 14 September 2021
    Identity details received 8:25pm on 10 September 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 8:07pm on 10 September 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 7:48pm on 10 September 2021
    Application submitted 7:48pm on 10 September really worried now


    Did you do this successfully?


    How long did it take for your child’s birth certificate to get processed. Our application is in Examination. The birth certificate was signed for on Thursday 14th Oct at 08:13 Liverpool. Many thanks!


    Hi, why did you have to send birth certificate in for?? Parental responsibility?


    Yup apparently the old passport was application was completed by the mother and this tome my friend the dad applied and because of that had to prove paternal responsibility. If we had known that at the time of sending the okd passport in, he would have done that and we’d have the passport by now. The same works the other way round so if he had applied for the the last passport and his exwife wanted to applied for a new passport she would have to prove maternal responsibility or at least that’s what the HMPO guy said today. Last week someone told us it was just the fathers who had to do that. Whichever way it is it has slowed the whole process up again even though the passport application is with the examiners. 🤯 x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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