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    Has anyone else had experiences of getting their passport application cancelled and going to fast track?
    I sent my Sons application in on the 9th of April and then heard about the 10 week wait. The hmpo advisor said as I hadn’t sent in his old passport I could send in a cancellation letter which I did the following day on the 10th of April. Since then my passport application updated as “documents recieved” on the the 22nd of April and heard nothing since.
    I am desperately trying to get the application cancelled before my fast track appointment on Friday. Any ideas on this? Anyone had success with taking a cancellation letter to fast track appointment?


    I had a very similar situation except after three weeks the letter that had been signed for hadn’t been scanned on to the system.

    Some agents when calling had very much an ‘it is what it is’ attitude.

    When I went for my initial fast track appointment on the 19th the member of staff took the letter again to scan and send to Peterborough and re booked me for the 23rd in the hopes Peterborough would have sorted the original application withdrawal – surprise surprise they hadn’t.

    In the few days between I kept calling, and when I went to the appointment yesterday although Peterborough still hadn’t sorted it, they did accept the application for one reason or another.

    Now I just have to hope the passport comes back before we fly!

    Keep the faith. Although there are some script readers who answer the phone there are also some genuinely sympathetic staff members who will genuinely do what they can to help, and the staff at the appointments were all very friendly and proactive in trying to sort things out.

    Try and get to a passport office asap would be my advice.


    Thanks that’s useful. Any idea on how long fast tracks are currently taking, can you pick up from office?

    Anything I can do or say to get them to accept the application without it being withdrawn?

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