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    I am worried about the delays in the processing and get this right. I need to make a trip in September and my son’s passport expires in November. So I need it renewed before I can travel.

    We thought we will apply for the fast track operation, but there are no available appointments. Should we send in an online application? Can we choose fast track an already submitted application? Or am I better off waiting to get an appointment?

    And will going in person to their London office make any difference?



    You can only have one active application at a time. So if you submit an online application you won’t be able to also book a fast track. You could try and wait it out to try and get an appointment but obviously the longer you leave it the less time there is to process a standard application if you can’t get a fast track. You’ll need to have had your application in at least 6 weeks before you can upgrade and travelling within 2 weeks. If I were you I’d submit a standard online application now then it gives you enough time to be able to upgrade if you need to. I used post office digital check and send. It took about 5 weeks in total from applying to receiving my passports. That was for a adult renewal with name change and 2 first child passports. Maybe that is a bit quicker as your application is checked before it’s sent so less likely to have issues and go through quicker.


    Hello Could you explain the process for getting a child’s online renewal application upgraded (submitted more than 6 weeks ago and travelling within 2 weeks). Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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