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    Hi, this is my first post! I applied online for my daughter’s first adult passport on the 10th August, sent her expired child passport 1st class recorded the next day and on the 20th August the online system updated to say “Application being processed”, I’ve been phoning every few days and constantly checking the online system but nothing since and we fly in less than 2 weeks. It was sent to the Liverpool office. Does anyone have any idea how long it should take? Getting worried that it’s not going to get here in time


    I’m also waiting for an adult renewal application submitted on line on 23.8. 21 old passport revived on 26.8.21 I’ve heard nothing supposed to be flying to cypres on 22.9.21. I’ve rang and left messages same boring response from passport office really unhelpful ive been waking 3 weeks now. I don’t think I’ll be going on holiday.


    Hi! I applied for my passport on august 20th.
    Docs received August 27th & then nothing for a couple of weeks.
    I called the office on Tuesday as I am due to fly on September 30th & the man said it should be with me by October 1st.
    I changed the dates of my honeymoon in a panic & now it’s been dispatched and is on the way!
    Very annoying but at least it’s finally coming.
    Perhaps give them a call. They’re pretty vague on when your passport will actually come but mine is magically now on its way.


    The general timeline seems to be 17-21 days from the date when your old passport is logged as received to getting the approval. Then maybe a couple of extra days for printing/delivery depending on day of week and time of day of the approval. You can phone, plead, beg, cry etc. but although there do seem to be some that get done quicker, unless you have compassionate grounds they do pretty much seem to be processed in date order. And the counting starts from the “documents received” date, not the date the application was submitted. So for anyone sending in an old passport and you are pressed for time, pay for whatever the fastest guaranteed delivery option is. Note that there is also a gap of maybe 3-5 days from the date your passport was signed for and the date it actually gets scanned onto the system and linked to your application. I did Royal Mail 1st Class signed for which took 4 days ( for 1st class!). Then with the extra time to get it scanned into the system, and allowing for bank holiday, there ended up being an 11 day gap between my application date and my documents received date, which was incredibly frustrating.
    If your docs were received 27 August then there’s a good chance you have already now been approved.
    I had my approval today, 17 Sep, for docs received 31 Aug, processed at Durham.

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