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    Myself and my wife got our renewal passports both within 16 days. I am now going for my childs first passport and it’s been stuck on ‘send your documents’ for two weeks. Is this normal? Do first passports usually take longer then the renewals? I know my documents got recieved by the passport office because Royal mail had updated me on it. I just want them to acknowledge that they’ve recieved them and get the ball rolling.


    Hi, I sent my daughters first passport application documents away and they were received by the passport office on 6/4/22 and signed for but the page didn’t update to show they’d been received until 20/4/22. There’s been no update since, tracking page still just showing as ‘we’ve received your documents’.
    Looks like it’s going to be a long slow process!


    Hi there, we applied on 20 March for two children and documents were confirmed received 05 & 06 April, but there has been no movement since. I sent their full birth certificates but there are noted on HNRC system as being short versions so I am hoping that this error does not cause any issues. Documents for both children went to two different offices. I was told first passports do take longer. We are almost at 8 weeks, however there was only a 5 week wait when we applied. I was also told we can possibly speed it up by paying an additional £73 per passport which I think is highly unfair given it will be because HMRC exceed there timeframes (which were increased to 10 weeks 2 weeks after we applied). Why should we be penalised for applying in plenty of time? It’s really stressful!


    @Laura1984 to give you some hope ours was received the day after yours!I was starting to panic when it was “stuck” on Documents Received and was reading all the horror stories of it being in the processing stage but I received an email yesterday to say it has been approved then another today to say it’s been printed!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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