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    Sent my sons passport application online on 27Th Jan, birth certificate sent shortly after and marked as received by the office on 8th February, then identity details for my son were confirmed 10th February!
    Then nothing since
    I have phoned god knows how many times and no one can advise you what the delay is regarding, left a callback 8th March and it took until today, 18th March for them to respond!!! They tell us that the hold is due to my partner (sons dad) having his middle name on my sons birth certificate but not having his middle name on his own passport is the delay, like really? For god sake, so god knows how long now until we have another update


    We’ve had a similar experience. Royal Mail tracking says our daughters birth cert was received on 7th Feb. System was not updated to say documents received until 25th Feb (14 working days later). It then stayed at documents received until Thursday 10th March where it’s said application being processed ever since. When I call they tell me they can’t tell me any further details as to when we can expect it. It’ll be 6 weeks on Monday since they got her birth cert.


    Hi, I am in a similar situation to you, have you had any luck yet? I cannot get through to anybody by phone and live chat is no help, they just tell me to wait and they will contact me if they need anything else. They received my documents 21/02 and has been in “processing” ever since.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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