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    Hi all – Ive just checked my childs passport this morning and while it is still valid it expires two weeks or so after we return from holiday to Crete

    Now Im bricking it as the 1 week service from the passport office seems to be down and has been for a while

    We are travelling on the 17th June (for a week) or are due to be travelling and his passport expires on 13th July

    I don’t know what to do now – I would normally book the Premium or Week service but those are both down
    at the moment and no clue when they will be back and available

    Would you wait for those to come back online by say Monday 9th or would it be best just send the passport off immediately for processing

    Having a right panic here – if we send in an application and then appointments for the 1 week service then returns we would be out of luck

    Not sure what to do

    Wish I check this a week or so ago!

    Thanks for any advice



    I was in a similar dilemma… We checked our sons passport last week and it had already expired. We go on holiday June 8th…due to all the press about waiting times etc we checked all fast tracks and premium but there were none available.

    I decided to take the chance and applied online for a renewal and took photos from home and uploaded. Today i had confirmation it has been printed and will be sent to TNT for delivery.

    From application submitted (24th April) to printing (4th May) took us 10 days and that was with the bank holiday.

    I wont be completely stress free until it is in my hands though.

    I would say go through the normal process…if it goes through the online approval you should be ok.


    Cool thats brilliant – I was going to do the paper application – I think I may do myself at home as that much easier

    Thanks will look into asap

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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