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    I submitted both my wife’s renewal and our daughters on 30/06/20.
    Our holiday originally was assumed cancelled, but then, switching dates is back on, and we’re due to sail on 9th August. A panicked application followed.
    My wife’s went to Glasgow, and is already in the post on it’s way to us.
    My daughters went to Peterborough, and the documents were signed for on the 2nd July at 6.51am.
    They are still not showing as received on the website though.
    I called the helpline but was told that they can only see what I can see. Fantastic.
    I’m noting the average 30 day turnaround time and hoping that this moves quickly…..


    I sent my sons renewal off to Peterborough as well on the 29th June they’ve noted that they received at 8-30pm Friday night yet no further action has been taken good luck!!


    Hi, I’m on similar timeline. Submitted application 29th. Everything received by Passport Office 30th June(confirmed by Royal Mail), but only got confirmation from Passport office that documents were received on Friday (10th July). No one can give an explanation on the delay when some cases have been sent, processed and received in the same time.

    Calling like crazy today to try and get some form of escalation and eventually got somewhere, waiting to see if it moves things along. Seems to be pot luck based on whether the operator feels like helping or not. My advice is get calling as soon as you receive confirmation that your docs have been received.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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