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    My passport application journey has been a longgggg one.

    Applied 21st of April after naturalization

    Application received 4th of May and that was the last update I received.

    I called more than 100 times, escalated to the upgrade team, escalated to the expedited service, Also got my MP involved and all my efforts just proved frutile.

    During this time I cancelled my holiday twice and had to rebook.

    Did some research and found out I could get my passport if my application has been over 6 weeks and in my case 12 weeks and if I will be flying in the next 48 hours.

    So I travelled down to the passport office in Liverpool, the journey took 2hrs from where I live. Got there at 7am today 16th of July and I got seen at 10.30. My passport application was approved 11am today and I collected my passport at 12 noon.

    If you are in the same situation, my advice to you is to travel to your passport office to get your passport. It does not matter where your application is being looked at. 12weeks wait was sorted in 2 hours.

    Thanks and goodluck to everyone still waiting. Flying out on monday happy days!!!!


    So 48 hours before flight they will get it sorted at a office? Regardless of where abouts the passport is in terms of progress?


    Snoopy55, yes that seems to be the way people are getting success at the moment. My daughter’s application has been stuck at Belfast for 12 weeks and despite phone calls, emails, email to MP, more calls and more emails I was getting nowhere.
    Drove to local office (Glasgow) which is only 6 miles away luckily on Friday to see what the queues were like. Joined the back of it as I saw a guy going down the line asking for info etc. I explained my circumstances to him and he said I should come back on Wednesday (I fly on Saturday) and it will get sorted out.
    Feel heart sorry for those who need to travel a long distance to an office. They should be due some form of travel expenses given that the only reason they have had to do this is down to sheer incompetence by the Home Office.


    @COLANDJO73 Belfast upgrades finally called me, similar situation to you – they’re pushing it through tonight, printing tomorrow morning and should be with us Thursday. We travel 26th.

    How many expedite requests have you had put through by callback and following up yourself with an email as instructed? I did my second one of those this afternoon at around 13:45, told to have “Second Request” at the front of the subject line of the follow up email I was told to send, call from Belfast upgrades received this evening at 19:20.

    Obviously I don’t know if it was the second request that really got the result but I’d like to think there’s hope for you without knowing the specific hold up with your daughter’s application.


    Thetas good news Boblee4

    I only got an email response on Sunday afternoon from the Belfast upgrade team. They just said they note my travel date and will be in touch as soon as they can. They say they are prioritising by dates of travel. Given you travel on the 26th this is obviously just another lie.

    Going to Glasgow office tomorrow, hopefully get something sorted out there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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