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    Hi All,

    I fly on Tuesday 3rd May, my passport renewal has been processing at Durham Passport office since 16th March, they received my old passport 3rd March and at the time of renewal its 4-5 weeks turnaround.

    As you all have I have been trying to contact them via phone, email upgrades etc. I spoke to customer service for the 7th time this morning and asked them if I could go and collect my old passport from Durham and cancel my renewal so I could fly as my passport doesn’t run out until august.

    I got told I’d get a phone call back but I hold out no hope of actually getting this.

    I’m thinking of driving up Wednesday and just asking for it back face to face its a 10 hour round trip to do this so a massive gamble but has anyone done this before or had any luck?

    Anyone that has collected passports in the pass, what do you need to take? As this may take a fair bit of blagging but with all the disorganised chaos that is HMPO I think if I dig my heels in enough I might stand a chance?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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