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    Hello all,

    First post on here.

    I have just been through a break-up & been going through my things & found on my main passport page a clean scissor cut through the middle.

    With a bit of tape on the back its hard to tell, you can mainly see it at the bottom of the page. Looks like a faint line along the ‘bar code’y bit at the bottom.

    Looking through HMPO guidance, not abundantly clear if this meets their damaged passport requirements.

    I have a trip to Italy booked for May 30th for my best friend’s Wedding.

    Have been trying to login all afternoon to book the 1 week fastrack but unable to book an appointment.

    My question is: I am guessing no one would reccommend me chancing it with the cellotape?

    & if that is the case, is it realistic I will be able to get a new passport in through any of the services before May 27th (the working day before I travel).



    Unfortunately they definitely won’t let you travel with it cellotaped. I would reccomend putting in an application pretty much immediately, I did and recieved mine within 16 days but everybody is different, some people are waiting a long time. Hopefully you get sorted, good luck.


    you cannot fast track a damage passport replacement only premium. you must cancel the old passport and receive the cancelation ref before you can apply. i am currently on week 5 of processing a lost replacement. not looking good.


    I would imagine any damage on the main details page makes the passport invalid as the authorities would see it as potential tampering with the most important page in the document. So you risk travelling with it or throw yourself at the mercy of HMPO – their website says you have to cancel lost or stolen passports so it would be a straight forward renewal – maybe try and give them a call to see what their advice is the sooner the better as it looks like you’re very short on time even before you start the process.


    I would say most definitely be classed as damaged.my brother has a slight watermark on his and had to replace.

    I would look straight after midnight – 2am for a one week fast track as can be used for replacing damaged passports.

    Premium service isn’t available for damaged.

    Good luck


    I was able to grab an appointment this morning at 10am appointments became available try the mornings!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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