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    Has anyone had their approved to ‘printed’ notification over a weekend? Or is the process shut down for the weekend?

    Ours was approved Wednesday 6th and we fly on 14th 😬



    Not sure on weekend printing. My daughters renewal was printed on 7th April but no update on TNT delivery since. We are due to travel on 12th. Until it appears on the TNT tracker it is impossible to find and try to collect or arrange delivery. This entire passport experience has been awful. Good luck for your trip.


    Hi there I’ve seen Weekend dates and on here a post mentioning 7 day printing. Also seen mention 5 days from approval to printing and 48 hours to deliver hoping that’s true as I got approved on 5th fingers crossed for today. Applied 6th March and not travelling until 1st May I know but sick to the back teeth with it now 😫 and the lack of updates and useless lack of information on calls making you think things are wrong quite frankly losing will to live now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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