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    Managed to actually click the button twice now at 8am on 2 days when it opens but then just ‘Waiting for an agent’

    Has anyone got through on WebChat recently?

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    I can’t even see the Webchat (accessing from abroad but it should still be there I would think).


    It does work when you can eventually get through. The last time I used it I waited 40mins at the awaiting agent screen.


    I’ve managed to extract the direct link to the form that comes up when you click the blue link:

    This is pretty much the blue link itself, so you don’t have to wait for the “All our agents are busy” message to disappear for the blue link to show. Hope it helps a tiny bit.


    Did you not get a form to fill in after clicking the button?

    I tried it twice and just found it useless.

    First time I click the button, fill out the form where they ask you for all your details and then to describe the problem so I was typing for a minute or two, trying to give all the details. I click submit and I get told nobody is available. So I guess stupidly they don’t reserve your spot once you open it and it’s fastest to click submit on the form.

    I’m a fast typist but second time I didn’t want to chance it so I just wrote it on notepad and copy and pasted. I get in, he says he’s opening up my application details and literally just repeats to me what’s on the tracker and can’t tell me any more, I ask if he can take my tracking information and he just says he “doesn’t have the facilities” to help in any way and told me to phone the helpline.

    Definitely not worth using, better to just sit on hold to the helpline rather than refreshing the web page all day trying to get through to someone that can’t help with anything.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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