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    Just wanted to try and allay fears on what the majority of my fellow forum posts seem to be concerned over. I’ve read much of the theory that processing means processing application’s manually and causing big delays but I dont think its true as this is my story.
    Applied 9th March
    Documents received 17th March
    No further updates and of course I was alarmed not to see processing but each time ive chased I have been told it is with the examiner and all applications go to them it has been since 17th March with no questions or queries thus far and on course to be done within the turnaround time and just refer to the link. What now annoys me more than anything is they are in possession of what is technically our legal document of which we are entitled to clear up to date information on the whereabouts of. Interestingly when I put that to Ryan on webchat he cut off my call. !!! A point I shall be following up in my complaint.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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