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    My son born in UK to Irish Passport holders had his first UK passport a few years ago – we didn’t bother with one for years. When he got his first one we sent his and our birth and marriage certificates etc etc passport came back in a few days. His UK passport has never been used. Whenever we travel as a family we do so on Irish passports.

    Anyway I applied to renew and was asked to send his UK passport (not yet expired) and his Irish passport (also in date). I sent both to the Liverpool office as requested. I’ve received confirmation they were received. I can’t see anything anywhere about whether this would be considered a straightforward renewal or might it be more complex.

    When they ask you to send things initially do they ever come back asking for more? For example, we weren’t asked to nominate people to verify us or vouch for us this time round. We were asked when we got his first one.

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