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    Hi, I really need some advice if anybody can give some guidance 🙂

    Applied for Mum’s adult renewal online on 25th March.
    Says documents (old passport) received 12th April. Nothing since.
    I’ve called the advice lines, they said to upgrade, email the Durham address. I’ve done this on Saturday, got an automated response. Haven’t heard anything since.

    Today I went on the Fast-Track appointment site and refreshed like crazy for hours and hours, until an appointment for the London office popped up for tomorrow and quickly booked it (We live in London).

    I went to the post office and got two application forms in case I screw one up.

    My question is:

    What should I do.
    Should I declare the passport I sent in to her renewal as lost and start a new application under 1-week fast track? Has anybody had success with this?
    Should I just go to the appointment and advise of the travel date (17th May) and ask to Withdraw the other one and start the 1-week one? Will they do that?

    Any insight would be really appreciated. Mum is due to travel on 17th May and as you can imagine, super stressed.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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