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    Anyone know how long the examination takes before it’s approved and posted out? We are in the ‘processing’ stage.

    Spoke to an agent today and been advised it’s with an examiner and no issues, just standard checks to be done before approval and printing.

    Anyone any indication of how long this process will take?


    Mines been processing since March 17th, so frustrating


    It can process for weeks to months unfortunately


    Mines been processing since March 16th, I rang and they told me it’s just waiting to be seen by an examiner, asked how long roughly and the lady just said we don’t know that so who knows, just need the passport back now though


    Mine was ‘being processed’ for over 5 weeks. Throughout the 5 weeks, customer service kept saying there was no issue and should be approved within a few days which was a lie! Was told after 5 weeks that there is a discrapancy in my application and I need to send a letter to explain the discrepancy. In reality, it took 8 weeks since I submitted the application for someone to genuinely review my documents.


    My daughters has been waiting to get examined since the 16th March and spoke to them today and still awaiting approval then it can be sent to printers 😢 we fly on 14th may so unsure what to do, I could do with more information on upgrade but I’m led to believe you can’t use that till 14 days prior to flying. Does anyone think it would be worth cancelling now and re applying for 7day fast track?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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