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    What to do? Booked for New York 16th June. Unfortunately lost passport. Tried a week with no luck for fast track! Cancelled and rang passport advice line. Given the dubious advice of applying for standard (could take 10 weeks) AND applying for fast track. Managed to get fast track for 13th May (Belfast) 30 minutes after applying for standard. Realised after checking here/passport website unable have 2 applications so attending appointment useless. Rang passport advice line again today and given advice cancel standard and attend on 13th; however, if passport cancellation not completed will be unable to submit application (expense and travel for nothing). Also told it may take several weeks for it to be cancelled but she was unable to advise how long. So do I:
    1. Keep with standard application and hope for the best (give me 7 weeks + 2 days to allow re-submission of visa). 6 weeks upgrade date falls on 5th June so doesn’t give me much time if travelling on 16th (particularly with visa)
    2. Cancel with next day delivery (written request) so they likely receive on the 3rd May and then hope that this is processed relatively quickly to allow me to book a 7 day fast track? Really unsure what to do!

    Also as part of on-line application wasn’t asked for lost passport cancellation code? Is that normal?

    Going in circles as unsure what best to do. I’m thinking given the times reported here is continue with standard and hopefully it will be ok

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