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    Just wanted to add some positive news. I called the helpline today, chose option 8 then 3.
    Got through to someone lovely after 3 minutes who transferred me to the processing team, I was straight through to them and the whole call was all done in 11 minutes including hold time.
    Didn’t help speed up my application but perhaps today its easier to get through if you need them.

    I then went straight to online chat and got a response within 3 minutes, I gave him the PEX and he did look at my application, I know he did because he knew my child’s name, said they have all the info from me that they need and its just waiting to be processed and approved.

    Keep calling if you need them. And keep trying the online chat


    @wrightstar what number do you call? Need to speak to someone today. Cheers


    @hreeve3 I called the main number 03002220000 option 8 then 3


    I’m same. Rang and got though after 10mins. Transferred to progress team after 1 hour wait. Spoke to lovely man who couldn’t progress but did add some notes. Feeling positive

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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