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    Has anyone recently done a fast track appointment for a passport when an online application had already been submitted? We submitted for my daughters first passport on 3/3/22 but had not heard anything since docs recieved on 21/3/22 (even though arrived much earlier than this). Told on phone it likely won’t come before our holiday on 21/4/22 and to book a fast track. I went to the fast track yesterday (4/4/22) and the lady there told me I should not have been advised this and it will take longer than 7 days as it can take 48h to withdraw the original application before they process the fast track. I am getting concerned the fast track won’t be processed and will still be without her passport despite paying extra for the fast track and travel to the appointment. Looking for any other experiences with a similar situation please and how long the passport took to arrive and if there were any updates on the fast track application . Many thanks


    We’ve had a nightmare with the whole thing. Applied to replace lost passport online 6th March and been stuck in processing since 14th March.
    Agents advice was to fast track, we had no docs to send so didn’t need to worry about having to wait for anything to be returned.
    We were told to make an appointment and take a letter requesting the withdrawal of the online application. We followed all advice down to the letter….literally!
    Paper application
    2 photos (1 signed 1 not)
    My partner got to his appointment and they rejected him as apparently he needed to of written to the office dealing with his application and had it cancelled before attending his appointment.
    Now were back to square one and £200 worse off.
    I would suggest if you go for this option allow 2 weeks and speak to as many agents as possible for advice.
    Collect as much information as physically possible.


    That’s ridiculous ! When I got there they said they don’t usually allow this to be done when an application already in place, but she then whipped out a pre filled form for me to sign stating I wish the application at Durham to be withdrawn – so I am confused if this is not ever done, why do they have a form ready for people to sign!? And why did they let me put my application through but not your husband. No one seems to know what they’re doing ..


    The exact same thing is happening with me. Did u get this sorted. I am going tomorrow and praying they will accept my application. U have withdraw it online and sent a written letter off to the passport office but they haven’t confirmed it yet. I didn’t send any supporting documents so still have all of those to take to my appointment. I am praying they let me do the fast track and don’t turn us away as I will be heartbroken.


    What has happened with your application. Two members of customer management both told me to attend the appointment but that it may take longer than 7 days


    So I had been calling basically everyday as the application still hadn’t been withdrawn by Saturday (5 days after fast track appointment although I was never told to send a letter of withdrawal before I went to the appointment I took it with me). I called yesterday to be told fast track application had been accepted, called again today and told passport printed. Just used my fast track reference in TNT and it says due for delivery tomorrow (which is 9 days after the original fast track appointment).
    I have to say I don’t believe this would have happened without me calling everyday since Wednesday to ask for the original application to be withdrawn (on Friday night someone from the call centre sent an urgent message across and Saturday a manager called too).
    I nearly got turned away at the fast track appointment until I told them I was advised to come by the advice line (which I was) , and had to write a statement of what they had told me- I don’t think they would have accepted my application otherwise.

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