Fast track hell!

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    I’m helping my partner with his fast track application to replace a lost passport I just wanted clarification on what he needs to take, I can’t go with him due to work so I need to make sure hes prepared as much as possible…Organisation isn’t one of his strong points.
    He has is withdrawal letter consisting of all original application details and the formal request to withdraw.
    His completed application.
    Photos (1) signed by a professional.

    I’ve asked him to print off the email he had when he cancelled his passport but that might not be possible.
    Should these details be added to the withdrawal letter?

    We fly 18th April and his appointment is tomorrow 2 and half hours away in Peterborough.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Update on the above 👆

    My partner was rejected as the letter wasn’t sufficient after it outlined everything we were advised by online chat agent.
    Frustrated beyond belief at this shocking service!!!


    I got this info on Friday from the call centre.

    So you need to send the letter to the passport office dealing with his application and also take a copy of it to his appointment. He needs his lost passport reference number. 2 passport pictures and a passport application form with section 8 filled in.


    Also add the original application reference and reason for cancelling to the withdrawal letter. I would also add the lost PP reference too.


    We did everything the agent told us do, so unbelievably done with now.
    At no point did the agent say we needed to post a letter to the office nor could we establish where the application was being processed.
    We have now emailed the priority email address supplied by the agent my partner saw today with all they details they have asked for.
    We travel on the 18th and it’s been nothing but stress for 8+ weeks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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