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    Finally after 5 weeks & 1 day my passport has just been delivered my timeliness
    Applied 9th March
    Documents received 17th March
    Application approved 5th April
    Printed 11th April
    Delivered 14th April
    Had to go out with one last cock up I received no tracking for delivery even called HMPO yesterday told passport had not been dispatched then 5 minutes later after tracking myself on TNT my delivery details were there for the first time with a delivery date of 16th but surprisingly it has just arrived 😀 so at least this one worked in my favour. Worst 3 weeks with no updates after Documents received alarm bells naturally ring and endless calls waiting to staff clearly under pressure unable to answer your questions
    The system is clearly unable to cope or meet demand I get that I’m NHS and have worked like that intensly for these past 2 years I treat patients with empathy which I don’t think HMPO do with their customers a point when I brought up was met with makes no difference who you work for I wasn’t asking for special treatment but obviously they had forgotten or weren’t one of the ones clapping on a Thursday night. Anyway all sorted now and thank you everyone on this forum for sharing and allowing me to share my frustration and to new members good luck and hope things go smoothly


    How lucky are you. I applied on the 9th, it has been stuck at processing stage since 18th (Durham)


    So the moral of your experience @Noctule8 is to pray to go from ‘Documents received’ straight to ‘Application approved’ bypassing the dreaded ‘Processing’.

    Glad to read that some passports are getting delivered!


    But I spent 3 weeks with the examiner no update or information on tracking causing unnecessary alarm and stress with no information given from call advisor as I’m sure you are aware so I hope yours gets sorted soon my lovely.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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